Lee: As governor proposes progressive budget, silence from conservatives

Braddock representative calls for action on critical issues, despite apparent conservative indifference

HARRISBURG, Feb. 4 – As Gov. Tom Wolf today laid out a progressive budget proposal to deal with many of Pennsylvania’s most pressing issues, state Rep. Summer Lee, D-Allegheny, noted the indifference and silence from Republican legislators during his address.

“Today the governor announced a push for universal pre-K, a raise in the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and a plan to address asbestos, lead and other critical issues in schools across the commonwealth, Lee said. “However, his address was met with silence from half of the Pennsylvania legislature. Instead of joining us in applause or acknowledgement of these and other proposals, there were groans as Republican members stayed seated, apparently unimpressed.

"We cannot build a better Pennsylvania unless we are willing to join together, unless we are willing and able to at least acknowledge the challenges that many of our working families face,” Lee said. “I would hope my fellow legislators are willing and able to look past their ideological differences with the governor and the Democratic Caucus and join us in building a state that works for everyone, regardless of where they live. We have a moral obligation to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people we represent, and I urge everyone to come to the table and work together – and not stand silent on the sidelines of history.”