Kortz: Bill to allow school districts to make decisions on sports, activities

HARRISBURG, Sept. 2 – A measure that would give local school districts the power to decide what fall sports and activities are allowed, including practices, games and spectator rules, was passed in the PA House today by a 155-47 final vote, state Rep. Bill Kortz, D-Allegheny, announced.

Kortz, a co-sponsor of H.B. 2787, said school districts across Pennsylvania must have the discretion and the flexibility develop their own athletic plans.

“Our local school districts know their communities and their buildings, and they know best, not the governor,” Kortz said. “Whether it’s football, cross country, or a non-sport extracurricular activity, such as band, orchestra, or singing in an acapella choir, we must trust our school districts to make their own decisions on what is safe and appropriate for them.

While the governor said he believes that school sports should be cancelled until 2021 and his administration issued a ‘strong recommendation’ to that end, it’s not the governor’s decision. This is a local decision that should be made by the respective school district – period.”

The bill heads to the Senate for further consideration.