Kenyatta praises Gov. Wolf’s executive action to reduce greenhouse emissions

HARRISBURG, Oct. 4 – State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta, D-Phila., applauded Gov. Tom Wolf’s executive action instructing the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

“The governor’s call for the DEP to implement a plan to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants is a bold first step to provide cleaner air and water for everyone, including our young people. Climate change is detrimental to this commonwealth and the entire nation, and if people don’t believe the scientists about this occurrence, all they have to do is believe with their eyes and their ears.

“This past week, Philadelphia saw 90-plus degree weather, and it’s October. How are some people still not believing this is direct result to climate change? This past summer, the city dealt with several days of scorching heat, resulting in an increase in pollution and poor air quality and creating breathing difficulties for the young and old. The decline in our climate and increase in pollution is a social justice issue that hits poor and working-class communities the hardest.

“The governor’s executive action serves as a reminder that the Pennsylvania General Assembly must look to itself and redouble its efforts on climate change, renewable energy and cutting carbon emissions in the commonwealth. While most of my Democratic colleagues in the House fully support these policies, many of the Republicans don’t and think the answer to a changing climate is more handouts to industry. We must act and make the change for future generations. Pennsylvanians are counting on us to lead!”