Kenyatta calls for action following city’s 7th mass shooting this year

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 15 – State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta on Thursday commended the bravery of Philadelphia Police Department officers and skill of medical professionals who were called to action after six police officers were shot Wednesday in Philadelphia’s seventh mass shooting this year.


“I am grateful to the police commissioner and his officers, the mayor and district attorney for ending yesterday’s gun violence without any additional injury to the suspect, officers or the public,” Kenyatta said. 


“I was at the hospital last night for hours and saw the bravery of our officers and medical professionals firsthand. I also saw the anguish of having to deal with yet another shooting in our beloved city. North Philly is a beautiful community of hardworking folks and this is not why we should be receiving national media attention.


“I am shocked by how much firepower was in that house and call again on Harrisburg and Washington to lay down the rigid ideology that has prevented action on this issue to date so we can finally do something about these guns. Our city, state and country are in crisis. Further delay would be criminal.”