Kenyatta, Dawkins condemn latest act of gun violence involving multiple officers

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 14 – State Reps. Jason Dawkins and Malcolm Kenyatta, both D-Phila., tonight are reacting to the ongoing officer involved shooting in North Philadelphia.


Dawkins is chairman of the House Philadelphia Delegation while Kenyatta is vice chairman.


“First and foremost my prayers are with the officers injured in today’s incident,” Kenyatta said. “I’m fervently praying for a speedy end to this situation. I urge folks in the area to stay indoors and follow police instructions. When our law enforcement agents put on their uniforms and go into the field every one of their families prays to not see headlines like we’re seeing today. There are far too many guns on our streets, and today’s incident is one more sober reminder of it.”


Dawkins agreed. “As 80 children waited in place at a nearby daycare and Temple University went on lockdown, I not only thought of these young people and their families, I thought of all the lawmakers in Harrisburg and across the nation who for years have turned a blind eye to this anguish and devastation. While I pray for the injured officers and their families, and all of those affected by this ongoing standoff, I also strengthen my resolve to hold this state and our nation accountable for any more lives lost to senseless gun violence.”


Dawkins, Kenyatta and a number of their colleagues recently called for an emergency session of the General Assembly to address gun violence, including mass shootings.


“Whether you are a country music fan, a student in a school hallway, at church, at a Walmart or an officer out on the beat — you can be met with gun fire,” Kenyatta continued. “While this happened right outside my district I know this is not why North Philly should be making national headlines. This is a vibrant and beautiful community. We cannot allow this to define us. We cannot stop in our efforts to reduce this senseless violence.”