Boyle issues statement on Fox Chase Cancer Center sale to Thomas Jefferson University

PHILADELPHIA, July 29 – Following Temple and Thomas Jefferson universities announcing a collaboration that includes the sale of Fox Chase Cancer Center and Temple’s interest in Health Partners Plan, state Rep. Kevin Boyle, D-Phila. /Montgomery, issued this statement:

“Although Jefferson and Temple universities' collaboration to improve health, education and outreach throughout our region, while also keeping Fox Chase Cancer Center a leader in cancer research and treatment, sounds attractive, it is still unclear if Fox Chase will continue to exist at its current site,” Boyle said.

“The acquisition of Fox Chase Cancer Center by Thomas Jefferson University was a hot button issue at a recent public policy hearing I hosted because of this looming uncertainty.

“Fox Chase is among the few facilities across the country devoted to cancer treatment, ranking 21st among the nation’s top 50 hospitals for cancer care by U.S. News & World Report, and admitting over 4,000 patients seeking care, annually. Additionally, outpatient visits surpass 60,000 a year.

“Fox Chase laboratories have also been the epicenter of advancements and discoveries in medicine, which resulted in two Nobel Prizes, among other prestigious citations. These life-saving achievements happened right here in the Fox Chase community. And while I am hopeful this collaboration can result in more of these events, it’s important for patients, which also include residents in the Fox Chase community, to continue receiving cancer care at this accessible and flagship location.”