Rep. Boyle supports Gov. Wolf on bond for new voting machine purchases

HARRISBURG, July 9 --Following Gov. Tom Wolf’s announcement today that the commonwealth will begin work to issue a bond that will assist counties with purchasing new voting systems, House State Government Committee Democratic Chairperson Rep. Kevin Boyle, D-Phila., released this statement:

“Earlier this week, I applauded Governor Tom Wolf for standing up against voter suppression and vetoing Senate Bill 48. Senate Bill 48 would have removed the straight party button from voting machines, hurting communities of color and Democrats in the 2020 election in this swing state.

“The governor and the Pennsylvania Department of State are now taking the initiative in helping counties pay for new voting machines. Funding new machines is the right move, as was vetoing the Republican attempt to disenfranchise voters and tie unnecessary strings to that funding. I look forward to continuing my work with Governor Wolf as we modernize and secure Pennsylvania’s voting systems in preparation for the next presidential election.”