Boyle applauds Gov. Wolf’s veto of Senate Bill 48

HARRISBURG, July 5 Following Governor Wolf’s veto today of Senate Bill 48, House State Government Committee Democratic Chairperson Rep. Kevin Boyle, D-Phila., released this statement:


“I applaud Governor Tom Wolf for standing up against voter suppression and vetoing Senate Bill 48. The bill would have removed the straight party button from voting machines, hurting communities of color and Democrats in the 2020 election in this swing state. Senate Bill 48 had motives similar to that of the Voter ID bill. The Voter ID bill prior to the 2012 election would have disproportionately excluded people of color, elderly, and lower income citizens from voting if they could not provide proper ID. It is simply un-American to make voting harder, and with the potential elimination of straight ticket voting, we again faced this risk of disenfranchisement of certain voting groups.


We should be doing as much as we can to ensure that voting is easy and accessible for all citizens of the Commonwealth. As a state Representative and as Democratic Chairperson of the State Government committee, I will continue fighting to ensure ballot access for all citizens of the Commonwealth.”