Philadelphia House Delegation praises more than $3.6 million in grant funding for education

The School District of Philadelphia is one of 26 entities awarded funds

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 4 – Members of the Philadelphia House Delegation today expressed their satisfaction after the Shapiro administration announced that $13.5 million in federal grant funding has been awarded to 26 school entities to support expectant and parenting learners.

Pennsylvania’s Education Leading to Employment and Career Training Program is a federally funded program that works with intermediate units, school districts and charter schools to coordinate the continuity of educational services for people under 22 who are expecting or parenting a child and provides community resources to allow them to obtain a high school diploma or equivalent.

The School District of Philadelphia was awarded more than $3.62 million.

Delegation Chair Morgan Cephas explained that the group is pleased to see the inclusion of The Philadelphia School district in this program as it will help boost ongoing efforts to provide educational assistance to expectant and parenting youth.

“ELECT is an outstanding program that helps schools keep this segment of the student population in school without disruptions. This is crucial in a student’s efforts to obtain a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate and secure post-graduation employment, education, or training.

“If we want more financially independent adults, more empowered parents, we need to start by helping our young adults,” she said. “This is great news in our community. I am appreciative of the investments in education, apprenticeships and school-to-work programs as it will open new avenues of opportunities for our youth.”

State Rep. Donna Bullock, chair of the PA House Children and Youth Committee, said the program will clear the path for a promising future for many students.

"“This grant funding is about removing barriers to education and ensuring that all of Pennsylvania’s students have the necessary tools to succeed academically, regardless of their circumstance,” Bullock said.

“No student or young adult should be made to think that their academic or professional career is over or limited because they are expecting or have a child. This funding will allow the School District of Philadelphia to provide vital resources that keep student-parents in school while maintaining healthy roles in their children’s lives,” she added.

State Rep. Mary Isaacson, chair of the subcommittee on Higher Education and a member of the PA Basic Education Funding Commission, emphasized that it is fundamental to provide support and guidance to all students.

“Access to proper, age-appropriate sex education is critical, but when children do not receive that, combined with a lack of resources, many young women end up unintentionally becoming mothers,” Isaacson said. "As a champion for students and their education, I believe this funding will expand opportunities for these young women across the commonwealth to continue their education, receive training to join our workforce and ultimately lead a successful and fulfilling life."