Isaacson’s remarks on Spring Garden Street Connector Project

State Rep. Mary Isaacson, D-Phila., said she is proud to have been a part of bringing funding to the important Spring Garden Street Connector Project.

The William Penn Foundation approved last month a $2.1 million grant to support this project, which is the final piece of funding needed to ensure the project’s completion.

The Spring Garden Street Connector will have many benefits to Philadelphians, such as protected bike lanes, enhanced access to SEPTA stations and bus stops, and a green stormwater management design.

The project will also improve safety at 22 different intersections by incorporating new traffic signals and bump-outs to reduce speeding along the corridor.

“Just because Philadelphia is a large city doesn’t mean that we should ignore the fact that we have wonderful potential for outdoor recreation,” Isaacson said. “It has been a priority of mine to expand access to green spaces and trails in Philadelphia and I’m proud to have helped invest in both the people and the district, which will have a lasting impact on future generations and start a conversation around increased environmental stewardship across both the city and our commonwealth.”

At 2.1 miles, the east-west corridor will provide access to the Delaware and Schuylkill river waterfronts and other natural areas.