Isaacson, Policy Committee discuss legislation to stop transmission of unsolicited sexually explicit images

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 10 – State Rep. Mary Isaacson, D-Phila., hosted a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing today at the Crane Center on her H.B. 1974, which would prohibit someone from distributing sexually explicit images without consent from the receiving party.

“It’s concerning that there’s nothing in place currently to protect unsuspecting Pennsylvanians from opening a text message or an email to find an unsolicited sexually explicit image,” Isaacson said. “Unsolicited sexually explicit images aren’t a flirtation tool nor are they a joke. They’re a form of sexual harassment, a contributor to rape culture, and a serious breach of consent, which is why I’ve introduced this legislation and why today’s hearing to discuss the issue was so important.”

Testifiers during the hearing included Caroline Ellis Roche, chief of staff at Bumble; Jovida Hill, executive director of the Philadelphia Commission for Women; and Monique Howard, executive director of WOAR.

This hearing was one in a series being held across the state on House Democrats’ Plan4PA, a legislative and policy agenda focused on putting people first by growing good jobs, providing healthcare access, creating quality schools and providing training for jobs in a fair economy. More information about the plan is available at Hearing materials will be available at