Isaacson joins Wolf in call for commonsense gun safety reforms

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 16 – The week Philadelphia endured its eighth mass shooting of the year, state Rep. Mary Isaacson, D-Phila., joined Gov. Tom Wolf in calling on state legislative leaders to schedule votes on the commonsense gun safety reforms supported by most Americans.

At a Capitol news conference today, Wolf signed an executive order directing his administration to create new state offices focused on violence prevention and reduction, expand programs that promote safety, refocus departments on combatting gun violence as a public health crisis, and increase collaboration and data sharing between the public, government agencies and other states.

He also called on the legislature to act on legislation to make sure guns don’t get in the wrong hands. Isaacson said there are at least a half dozen bills waiting to be voted on to help reduce gun violence in the state.

“What more can we say? What more can we do to convince these people that guns are the problem and that there are commonsense solutions,” Isaacson asked, referencing the state and federal lawmakers who have been blocking gun reforms.

“The only thing left to be said is that further bloodshed that could be prevented by the commonsense reforms we propose is blood on their hands. The amount of gunfire coming out of the house in North Philly on Wednesday and the amount of gunfire seen in too many other shootings in recent years has our nation at the tipping point and parents afraid for their children’s lives.

“I say this to my fellow federal and state lawmakers: If you won’t act at the federal level or the state level, please get out of the way so Philadelphia and other towns and cities who want to protect their people from gun violence can do so,” she said.

Isaacson said that in addition to commonsense reforms like universal background checks for gun purchases, banning assault-style guns and banning large-capacity magazines, she is signing on to legislation that would have the state repeal the prohibition on counties, boroughs, townships and municipalities from enacting their own gun safety laws.