Issacson will introduce legislation to protect children from lead exposure

HARRISBURG, Dec. 20 – Rep.-elect Mary Louise Isaacson, D-Phila., is planning to introduce legislation that would require all Pennsylvania children to be tested for lead at ages 1 and 2.

"Pennsylvania's children are at a higher risk for lead exposure than children in 47 other states," said Isaacson. "By requiring the testing of blood lead levels at ages 1 and 2, we can both prevent and catch the irreversible and harmful health and behavioral complications of childhood lead poisoning."

This legislation was inspired by a 2015 Pennsylvania Department of Health Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Report, which tested the blood of 28 percent of Pennsylvania children under age 2. The report found that 5 percent of children tested had at least one elevated blood lead test result.

Most lead exposure happens in older homes that were built with lead-based paint. Pennsylvania ranks third in the nation for housing built before 1950, so many children may be at risk without knowing it.

Issacson also expressed concern over an area of her 175th district where young children have come in contact with lead contaminated soil.