Issacson: Philadelphia real estate assessors should be certified

HARRISBURG, Dec. 20 – Rep.-elect Mary Louise Isaacson, D-Phila., is introducing legislation that would require all real estate assessors in Philadelphia County to be certified.

"Philadelphia is the only county in the state in which assessors do not need to be certified," stated Isaacson. "Philadelphia homeowners deserve to receive assessments from a professional that has been both formally educated and trained, especially given the increased median values across the city."

Real estate assessors typically undergo 90 hours of course study and take an examination to become a certified assessor. They are also required to take 20 hours of biennial continuing education courses.

This legislation would remove Philadelphia’s exemption from these requirements. Assessors currently practicing in Philadelphia would have up to 3 years to obtain certification.

Issacson stressed that this is a particularly important time to build trust in the assessment process, because Philadelphia properties have shown a 10.5 percent increase in median market values overall.