Innamorato: $1M in state tax credits awarded to local communities

Funding will help support community revitalization projects

HARRISBURG, Nov. 10 -- State Rep. Sara Innamorato, D-Allegheny, announced several local community organizations are receiving more than $1 million in state tax credits to develop affordable housing, overhaul public infrastructure and support workforce development, among other projects.

The $1 million is coming from the Department of Community and Economic Development through the Neighborhood Assistance Program, which supports nonprofits, businesses and resident projects in distressed areas or low-income neighborhoods.

“We've seen a lot of growth in our neighborhood over the past decade; we still have work to do. These grants will help our neighborhood-based, mission-driven organizations address major issues in our neighborhoods, like addressing the lack of affordable housing, food insecurity and homelessness, and gentrification,” Innamorato said.

The following projects were awarded NAP investments:

  • Sharpsburg Neighborhood Organization – Sharpsburg, Millvale, Etna – An investment of $160,000 to address workforce development, education and community wellness projects.

  • Lawrenceville Lofts – Lawrenceville – An investment of $250,000 to develop a 40,000-square-foot residential building, with residential units earmarked for low/moderate income residents and similar for business.

  • Lawrenceville Corp. – Lawrenceville – An investment of $400,000 to develop affordable housing units, support senior-focused programs and provide more healthy and active living opportunities in the community.

  • Bloomfield Development Corp. – Bloomfield – An investment of $15,000 to preserve and create affordable housing.

  • Bloomfield Garfield Corp. – Garfield – An investment of $160,000 to address blight, construct affordable housing, overhaul public infrastructure, develop parks and community greenspaces, and support education.

  • Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Bloomfield – An investment of $13,750 to renovate the Library of Accessible Media for Pennsylvanians, specifically accessibility improvements to the main entrance.

  • 412 Food Rescue – Pittsburgh – An investment of $22,000 to reduce food waste and fight food insecurity through rescued food projects.

"We're grateful that this program exists to help our community that is still feeling the economic, job-affecting Covid-19 impact. First National Bank continues to be a committed partner to Bloomfield, investing in the creation of affordable housing and direct services to help our residences,” said Christina Howell, Bloomfield Development Corp.

"The tax credits awarded to us will help us fill about 36% of our program operations budget. The funds that will come to us will help sustain our affordable housing projects, keep our neighborhood employment center open, allow us to continue working with small business owners and other stakeholders in the Penn Avenue commercial district, fill in some of the funding gap in our College & Career Readiness Program, and continue our efforts to create a dedicated 'green zone' in Garfield,” said Rick Schwartz, Bloomfield Garfield Corp.

"This funding will grow our shared Triboro Ecodistrict work and impact, giving us the resources to improve our flooding issues, provide workforce training opportunities for local folks interested in green careers, expand access to food and programming, and expand community leadership opportunities across all three municipalities,” said Brittany Reno, Sharpsburg Neighborhood Organization.

“We are incredibly grateful to our corporate partners, to Governor Wolf and DCED, Representative Innamorato, and all of our elected representatives who advocated for these critical funds to support our work. This award enables Lawrenceville Corporation and our partners, including Lawrenceville United, City of Bridges Community Land Trust and Children's Family Care Connection to build affordable housing and keep families healthy and in their homes; support small businesses and our local schools; ensure access to fresh and nutritious food; and to create safer and more accessible streets and infrastructure,” said Lauren Byrne Connelly, Lawrenceville Corp. “With this significant support from the NAP, we will work to make sure that all have access to the benefits and opportunities that our growing community offers.”  

More than $11 million was earmarked for 56 projects in Allegheny County. A full list of projects can be found by clicking this link.