Galloway supports legislation to expand detox options

HARRISBURG, May 9 – State Rep. John Galloway announced today that legislation he supported to help expand detoxification beds in health care and other facilities across the state unanimously passed the House of Representatives.

Galloway co-sponsored H.B. 118, which would create the Emergency Drug and Alcohol Detoxification program, allowing the Department of Health to provide for detoxification beds in existing, licensed health care facilities and to establish new detoxification facilities. The department would give special priority review to those applying for licensure through the program.

Under current law, the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs licenses detoxification centers, while the Health Department licenses medical beds.

“We have to do more to tackle the opioid epidemic gripping our communities. If someone is reaching out for help, we must make sure they can get it,” Galloway said. “By expanding the Health Department’s ability to establish detoxification beds, we’d increase the options those suffering from addiction have to help them move toward recovery.”

The bill was forwarded to the Senate for consideration.