Sainato bill extending emergency responder death benefit now law

HARRISBURG, Oct. 26 – State Rep. Chris Sainato, D-Lawrence, today said his bill to allow members of the Pennsylvania Civil Air Patrol to receive a $100,000 death benefit is now law.

Gov. Tom Wolf signed H.B. 49 today, making it Act 110 of 2016, just a week after the bill unanimously passed the state House on concurrence with the state Senate. The law now extends the death benefit that was available to other emergency responders under Act 101 of 1976.

“It’s a great day for Pennsylvania with my bill becoming law,” Sainato said. “Members of the Civil Air Patrol PA Wing provide valuable services and do so daily in the same dangerous environments as other emergency responders. 

“They are perhaps the nation’s finest force of citizen volunteers, working alongside our state police, fire officials and other emergency service professions – and often placing their own lives in danger to help or save the lives of others. These courageous men and women knowingly risk their lives to respond to emergency situations and certainly deserve the same line-of duty-death benefits we currently afford to other emergency responders.”