Sainato bill extends emergency responder death benefit in Pa.

HARRISBURG, Oct. 19 – State Rep. Chris Sainato today announced his bill to allow members of the Pennsylvania Civil Air Patrol to receive a $100,000 death benefit is headed to Gov. Tom Wolf for signature into law.

House Bill 49, which unanimously passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, extends the death benefit currently available to other emergency responders under Act 101 of 1976.

“Those who serve with the Civil Air Patrol are just as crucial in responding to disasters or protecting the public as a firefighter or a member of the National Guard,” said Sainato, D-Lawrence. “The expansion of this benefit will greatly help the families that lose a loved one who is a member of the Civil Air Patrol.”

Sainato noted the Civil Air Patrol is a federally supported, nonprofit organization that serves as an official civilian auxiliary arm of the U.S. Air Force. The Civil Air Patrol’s general responsibilities include providing emergency services such as search and rescue, as well as disaster relief operations.

Furthermore, the Civil Air Patrol has also been tasked with homeland security missions and performs non-auxiliary missions for various governmental and private agencies, such as local law enforcement and the American Red Cross.