Dermody and Costa welcome action to improve wine purchases

HARRISBURG, June 7 – The House of Representatives today passed a bill that would modernize and expand retail sales of wine in Pennsylvania and take other steps to increase consumer convenience.


Democratic Leader Frank Dermody and Liquor Control Committee Democratic Chairman Paul Costa supported the move.


“This legislation will allow wine to be sold in more places, including grocery stores that already sell beer, and it will give more flexibility to the Liquor Control Board to set prices and store hours across the state in ways that are better for consumers,” Dermody said.


“In addition, it’s also going to increase revenue for the state which is a positive step toward beginning to close the long-term budget deficit,” he said.


The bill (H.B. 1690) also would permit direct shipment of wine by licensed producers to consumers at their homes.


“There are many components to this bill that reflect discussions in the House and Senate for the last five years. Little got passed in that time because the privatization issue was a constant sticking point,” Costa said.


“With this legislation, we’re taking the initiative to modernize the system so it works better for consumers while protecting nearly 5,000 existing jobs of the men and women who work in wine and spirits shops in every part of the state,” he said.


The bill must be signed by the governor before becoming law.