Snyder bill exempting local farm markets, stands from sign requirement fees passes House

HARRISBURG, March 22 – The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has approved a bill introduced by state Rep. Pam Snyder that would exempt from the state's fee requirements signs for local farmers' markets and farm stands along highways.

"Our local agricultural businesses such as farmer's markets and farm stands provide fresh, nutritional food to Pennsylvanians, while at the same time enhancing our local business efforts," Snyder said.

Current regulations require a permit and fee in order to have an off-premises sign advertising a business.

Snyder's legislation would exempt farmers' markets and farm stands from this requirement for any state routes that do not receive federal funding. PennDOT still may set the size, number and proximity of the signs.

Snyder introduced the bill after a family-owned farm in her district was told to remove signs advertising their farm stand from the state route right-of-way.

"It is important that PennDOT ensures the orderly and effective display of outdoor advertising, while protecting the state's natural beauty along our roadways. But it is equally valuable that family farming should be supported, especially since agriculture is an important industry in our commonwealth," Snyder said.

"The bill that passed today would benefit both the farmer and consumers seeking fresh produce, while continuing PennDOT's oversight."

The bill now goes to the state Senate for consideration.