Neilson speaks on extending, expanding automated speed enforcement programs

State Rep. Ed Neilson, D-Phila., joined a news conference today where he spoke in support of his bill, H.B. 1284, which would extend and expand multiple Automated Speed Enforcement programs scheduled to expire in the coming weeks and months. 

“We are quickly approaching the expiration dates for multiple automated enforcement programs that help protect our motorists and pedestrians across the Commonwealth,” Neilson said. 

His bill would eliminate the Dec. 18 expiration date for the ASE program on Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia, and expand the program to the entire city at locations approved by city ordinance and by the state Transportation Department.  

ASE was introduced along Roosevelt Boulevard in June 2020 and issued warnings to over 220,000 vehicles traveling 11 miles or more over the speed limit. In January 2022 ASE issued only 15,000 tickets, a stunning 93 percent fewer speeding violations. 

The bill would also create a five-year pilot program for ASE in active school zones in Philadelphia at locations approved by city ordinance and by PennDOT.  

Finally, H.B. 1284 would update the School Bus Stop Arm Camera program which allows school districts to install cameras on school buses to capture vehicles that illegally pass a school bus with its red lights on and stop arm extended. This bill would extend PennDOT’s temporary regulations scheduled to expire on Oct. 24 and make multiple technical improvements to the program. 

“If this program is allowed to expire for just one day it would have a significant impact on traffic safety in Philadelphia,” Neilson said. “The numbers speak for themselves; this program works by enhancing traffic safety and saving lives.”  

Neilson said he hopes that his colleagues on the Senate Transportation Committee will bring this important bill up for a vote soon.  

The news conference included representatives from the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, Families for Safe Streets, AAA, the Philadelphia Parking Authority, and PA Safe Roads PAC.