McNeill, Zabel introduce legislation to cap soaring insulin prices

HARRISBURG, Oct. 24 – State Reps. Jeanne McNeill and Mike Zabel have introduced legislation that would cap out-of-pocket insulin prices at $35 a month.

“The prices for insulin have been skyrocketing for decades in Pennsylvania and sadly too many people are resorting to rationing their life-sustaining medicine or deciding between it and putting food on their table or paying their bills,” said McNeill, D-Lehigh. “It’s time to stop the out-of-control costs and allow everyone who needs this medicine the ability to access it affordably.”

“Millions of Americans, including a large swath of seniors, depend on insulin in their daily lives. It is unacceptable that the price of this life-sustaining medication continues to rise year after year,” said Zabel, D-Delaware. “Representative Jeanne McNeill’s and my legislation would seek to reduce the cost burden on individuals who rely on insulin by capping the price at $35. This would help alleviate the financial stress of so many who have been unfairly forced to choose between their medication and other basic necessities.”

According to McNeill, H.B. 2878 is a new version of H.B. 460, which the legislators introduced earlier this legislative session, but instead of capping the amount an insured patient could spend per 30-day supply at $100, this would cap the price at $35 per 30-day supply.  

McNeill said that insulin caps are a bipartisan issue. Twenty-one states including New York, Maryland, Texas and Oklahoma have passed similar insulin co-pays.

House Bill 2878 has been referred to the House Insurance Committee for consideration.