Dawkins discusses GOP hypocrisy in Krasner impeachment probe

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 26 – Chairman Jason Dawkins of the Philadelphia Delegation of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives issued the following statement after meeting with Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner today in Center City. 

“Today’s meeting was about something the Republican Majority that has controlled state government for decades never did – get the facts and have an honest conversation,” Dawkins said.   

“Instead, the GOP has gone back to the same tired playbook - stirring fear in their base about the state’s largest city and biggest economic driver – combined with their newest obsession of overturning a free and fair election when the results don’t go their way. 

“If the Republican majority is so concerned with crime in Philadelphia, then why do they oppose funding for our children and why do they deny the city’s elected officials the right to write their own gun safety laws like banning assault weapons?  

“We’ll welcome them when they are ready to work toward real solutions that don’t involve using the victims of gun violence as political pawns.”

According to Dawkins, the hyper partisan, so-called House Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order that is “investigating” Krasner is scheduled to meet in Philadelphia later this week.