Brown demands mandatory ID requirement at gun shows to curb unregulated ghost gun sales

HARRISBURG, June 27 -- State Rep. Amen Brown, D-Phila., has called for all attendees to present valid government-issued identification to enter gun shows in Pennsylvania.

Brown has proposed this change in the wake of recent mass shootings and the proliferation of unregulated “ghost guns,” such as the one used in the mass shooting on South Street on June 4. The proposal also comes in response to the nonstop gun violence happening in Philadelphia that has been ravaging communities. 

“I have attended these gun shows, and all the components are available to leave and assemble an unregistered firearm,” Brown stated after attending last week’s gun show in Allentown. “Contrary to what vendors of ghosts gun kits at guns shows say, these are not adult Legos. These ghost guns have a deadly impact on our community, and something needs to be done.” 

According to Brown, unlike normal handguns, ghost gun kits are unregistered, and can be sold to anyone without any ID. Purchasers assemble the parts themselves.

Brown has introduced legislation that would require all attendees at Pennsylvania gun shows to provide ID prior to entry and to require show operators to maintain records of attendees for at least five years.

Under Brown’s bill, the records would be made available for review to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office, as well as to any country prosecutor or municipal police department upon request of the Pennsylvania attorney general. 

Brown added that the vendors who sell ghost gun kits should do the responsible thing and collect proper identification. While this would not eliminate gun violence, he said, it would close a significant and dangerous loophole that lets people walk off with unregistered gun kits.