Kortz: House approves bipartisan bill to license home inspectors

HARRISBURG, Nov. 20 – State Rep. Bill Kortz announced the passage of H.B.21, which he co-sponsored with state Rep. Sue Helm, R-Dauphin, to provide for the licensure and oversight of home inspectors. 

“When you consider that a home is usually the most expensive purchase in a person’s lifetime, it is imperative that the consumer be protected,” said Kortz, D-Allegheny. “We have heard from consumers across the state who have lost their homes, their life savings, filed bankruptcy and even endured health problems because of a home inspector’s wrongdoings. This bill will provide needed consumer protection.

“Home inspectors are currently regulated, but there isn’t an enforcement mechanism, which means that a bad home inspector is free to victimize consumer after consumer with little to no recourse for those victimized. This legislation will set statewide standards for home inspectors and ensure that future homebuyers don’t encounter these problems.”

The bill now heads to the governor’s desk for further action.