Davidson supports Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine

UPPER DARBY, July 29 – State Rep. Margo Davidson said she supports Pennsylvania’s secretary of health, Dr. Rachel Levine, in the wake of hateful transphobic comments, public actions and social media posts directed at the LGBTQ+ community.

“Pennsylvania’s strength comes from its diversity and its willingness to accept all people. Our state was created on this very foundation,” Davidson said. “William Penn advocated for religious freedom and worked with native people in what the French writer Voltaire termed, ‘… the only treaty made by the settlers with the Indians that was never sworn to, and the only one that was never broken.’

“Hate can no longer be accepted in our community and our state. Dehumanizing language will no longer be tolerated.

“As a woman representing Delaware County for the last decade, I have a simple request: Judge me by my actions, my accomplishments and my shortcomings. Every public official should be afforded this same common decency. When we view each other as equals, it allows for real conversation and collaboration.  

“What I find all the more puzzling is this hatred directed toward the LGBTQ+ community is directed at a woman who has been presented with an unprecedented task, and she has not only risen to the occasion but exceeded expectations.

“Dr. Levine continues to lead Pennsylvania through a pandemic unlike any experienced during our lifetimes. Since our federal government failed us, refusing to implement a national plan against this deadly virus, the responsibility of protecting the public has fallen on the states.

“No secretary of health in Pennsylvania has ever encountered the challenges presented to Dr. Levine. Yet, Pennsylvania has managed this crisis better than most. Just this week, a government report detailed 21 states as being in the ‘red zone.’ You will not find Pennsylvania on that list. While Pennsylvania has lost thousands of precious lives to this deadly virus, we have avoided the terrible outbreaks now facing many of our states -- like Florida and Texas.

“I do, however, agree that there should be widespread public reaction directed at the work Dr. Levine has accomplished during the last five months, and it should be resounding applause.”