House Democrats ready to work with new Republican leaders

HARRISBURG, June 22 – House Democratic Caucus leaders today congratulated newly chosen leaders of the Republican Caucus and expressed hope that more constructive bipartisan action can take place for the remainder of 2020.

“To quote House Speaker Bryan Cutler, ‘This House of Representatives does not have time to waste. At this time, in this hour, and under our watch, our Commonwealth needs the best of what this institution … was designed to be.’

“House Democrats completely agree. Many urgent matters like policing reform, economic justice, criminal justice, support for our marginalized communities and educational equity and adequacy for all children demand and deserve our immediate attention,” said the Democratic leaders. “We also must confront the serious health and financial threats facing Pennsylvanians because of the current pandemic.

“It has been 216 days without any action by the House on an increase to the minimum wage that was passed by the Senate. We will continue to work to ensure a sustainable and just recovery from the pandemic crisis, and we expect that the new Republican leaders will work with us on these goals.”

House Republicans chose Rep. Kerry Benninghoff of Centre County as the new majority leader, succeeding Peach Bottom Rep. Bryan Cutler who became House speaker today. Additionally, they selected Rep. Donna Oberlander of Clarion County to serve as majority whip and Rep. Martin Causer of McKean County to be majority Policy Committee chairman. The current two-year legislative session ends on Nov. 30, 2020.