Dermody praises Wolf’s leadership in war on COVID-19

HARRISBURG, May 11 – Democratic Leader Frank Dermody issued this statement after listening to Gov. Tom Wolf’s remarks today about COVID-19 recovery efforts:

“The governor is doing everything he must to lead us in this war against a deadly enemy. Pennsylvanians have made untold sacrifices and ending the fight now would betray all those efforts and weaken our defenses.

“It’s beyond reckless to assume that areas of our state are in the clear without any evidence to prove that. The enemy waits silently for the next chance to attack. Rash decisions made against the weight of medical advice will open the door for even more tragedy. That must not happen.

“For everyone’s health and for thousands of lives that are at stake, we must keep doing what we can already see is working. We are winning this long fight, step by step. I applaud the governor’s courage and know that with his continuing strong leadership, we will carry on to victory.”