Ravenstahl urges local governments to apply for emergency federal funding

Federal funding can be used for programs related to homelessness

PITTSBURGH, May 6 – Today, state Rep. Adam Ravenstahl urged local governments to consider applying to a $19.9 million emergency federal grant program to address homelessness in communities.

“The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t just threatened the health of our communities but has struck a blow at our social safety nets at the very moment those programs are in their highest demand,” Ravenstahl said. “This emergency funding will help communities stabilize housing and provide shelter to those most in need, who otherwise I fear would slip through the cracks during this crisis. I strongly encourage all of our communities in Allegheny County to look at this program, talk with their community partners, and consider applying.”

Administered by the state Department of Community and Economic Development, funds may be used for any single activity or combination of eligible activities as outlined below and address the priorities and any published supplemental requirements of the CARES Act in order to prepare for, prevent the spread of and respond to the coronavirus.

  • Homelessness Prevention*
  • Emergency Shelter (no cap on the amount of funds that may be requested for Shelter)
    • Emergency Shelter Operations (no cap)
    • Emergency Shelter Essential Services
    • Temporary Shelter
  • Rapid Rehousing* (no minimum percentage for rapid rehousing activities)
  • Street Outreach
  • Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)
  • Administration (subgrantees may request up to 6% for administration)
  • *Federal entitlement communities (those communities that receive an allocation of ESG CARES Act funds directly from HUD) are only eligible to apply for funds in the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Components.

The grants carry a $50,000 minimum amount and no maximum cap. The program is open to any local government in Pennsylvania, including cities, boroughs, townships, counties and others, and no matching funds are required. DCED has indicated it will accept applications for program funding through June 1.

For more information, including complete program guidelines and a link to apply, visit: ESG Cares.