Ravenstahl votes to expand COVID-19 testing as state heads back to work

Legislation critical to ensuring public safety and stopping the spread of coronavirus

PITTSBURGH, May 5 – On Monday state Rep. Adam Ravenstahl voted to expand critical COVID-19 testing as Pennsylvania heads into a new phase in its ongoing efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

“As we look to reopen our economy it is critical that we have the testing capability that we need to do so safely,” Ravenstahl said. “This bill will ensure that we have a robust testing system in place so that we can continue to slow the spread of this deadly virus. I was pleased to work with legislators on both sides of the aisle to not only get this legislation passed, but to actively work to make it better.”

Specifically, HB 2455 calls for the Wolf administration to develop a wide ranging, comprehensive testing plan. Once that plan has been approved, the legislation would fund research, development and manufacturing of testing equipment and supplies, contact tracing, and other measures. The bill further ensures that healthcare and other essential workers are given testing priority once the plan is activated.

“All of the medical experts agree that we need a robust, comprehensive testing system in place if we are to finally put this virus behind us, and this bill will help achieve that,” Ravenstahl said. “As we move forward to what will become a new normal, I stand ready and willing to work with Governor Wolf and Dr. Levine to come up with a testing plan that is able to protect all Pennsylvanians and do as much as possible to safeguard the communities we represent.”