Burns secures $250,000 grant for Westmont Hilltop High School

Money will help fund recreational opportunities, save taxpayer dollars

EBENSBURG, March 12 – Rep. Frank Burns today announced he has secured another $250,000 grant for a local high school.

“Our community will be better off anytime we can improve outdoor recreational opportunities that gets kids off of their cell phones and iPads,” Burns said. “That’s why I support our local schools when they apply for these grants, to put our children first – and to make sure our tax dollars aren’t going to fund projects or programs in the big cities.”

The grant from the state Department of Community and Economic Development will help fund a project to rehabilitate tennis courts at the Westmont Hilltop High School, which are used by residents, students and the high school’s championship-winning tennis teams.

“As a Westmont Hilltop School director, I want to thank Representative Burns for his assistance in obtaining a grant that will refurbish the high school tennis courts,” Rob Gleason said. “These courts are used by students and residents of Upper Yoder Township and Westmont Hilltop School District. We continue to work with Representative Burns on projects that are important to the taxpayers of Upper Yoder Township and the school district.”

Over the last two years, Burns has helped secure more than $750,000 for local schools to help fund everything from upgrades to school security and technology equipment to fresh fruit and vegetable programs.

“The success of our students is an absolute priority of mine and I will keep fighting to make sure our local schools have access to the resources they need so every student has the opportunity to be successful,” Burns said. “I’m always eager to work with local municipalities, schools and organizations to find ways to get projects and programs funded without turning to local taxpayers.”