$70,000 awarded to Northgate, Pittsburgh for school technology

Grants will be used to expand computer science programs

PITTSBURGH, Jan. 17 – The Northgate and Pittsburgh school districts were collectively awarded $70,000 today, state Rep. Adam Ravenstahl, D-Allegheny, announced.

“In today’s world, computer science and STEM are becoming essential, growing sectors of our economy, and I am pleased that this PAsmart targeted grant will improve opportunities for our students,” Ravenstahl said. “As Pittsburgh’s economy continues to grow and change, it is critical that our children have the skills they need to participate in the workforce and reach their full potential.”

The $35,000 grants help schools introduce and expand computer science programming, and to provide pre-kindergarten through grade 12 educators with CS training. The targeted grant awardees from across the commonwealth have prioritized expanding access to computer science for underrepresented students, such as students of color, girls, low-income students and students in rural communities.

More information on the grants is available here.