Bizzarro announces more than $166k to district in Fire Company, Emergency Medical Service Grant Program awards

ERIE, Jan. 17 – Volunteer fire companies and emergency service providers were awarded state funding from the Office of the State Fire Commissioner’s Fire Company, Emergency Medical Service Grant Program, announced Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie.

“These grants provide much-needed funding to emergency service providers including firefighters and EMTs. These providers are always ready to answer the call to protect others from harm and in emergent situations.,” Bizzarro said.

Bizzarro said he was proud to work to secure funding for the following local fire and emergency service providers: 

  • Central Erie County Paramedic Assoc. Inc., $9,192.44.
  • Edinboro Fire Department, $23,440.47.
  • Emergycare Inc., $9,192.44.
  • Fairview Fire Department, $21249.61.
  • Franklin Township VFD, $11,646.38.
  • Kearsarge Fire Department, $13,015.67.
  • Lake City Fire Company, $21,523.47.
  • Lake Shore Fire Department, 16517.68.
  • McKean Hose Company $21249.61.
  • West County Paramedic Association, $9,192.44.
  • West Lake FD, $13,974.17.
  • West Ridge FD, $14,248.03.

Funds will be used to maintain and improve facilities; purchase or repair equipment; debt reduction for facility and equipment improvements; training certifications; education, and career fire departments may use funds to assist with overtime costs associated with backfilling positions while firefighters are in training.

“I’m proud to share the news of your tax dollars returning to our community and directly improving public safety efforts and supporting those who willingly enter dangerous situations for the well-being of others,” Bizzarro said. “I urge any eligible emergency service providers and fire companies to apply for these funds.”