Hohenstein introduces LNG Task Force minority report

HARRISBURG, Nov. 1 – State Rep. Joe Hohenstein, D-Phila., introduced a minority report as part of his membership on the Philadelphia LNG Task Force during a meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 1.

The task force was created by the Pennsylvania General Assembly last year and tasked with examining and making recommendations regarding obstacles, economic feasibility, economic impact and security that would be involved with making the Port of Philadelphia a liquified natural gas export terminal.

When authorizing the task force, the General Assembly allowed for the submission of a rebuttal to the task force’s majority report by any member of the task force.

Hohenstein said he was glad that head of the task force, state Rep. Martina White, R-Phila., accepted the minority report into the official record.

“This is a complex topic with many stakeholders holding a variety of views and strong opinions,” Hohenstein said. “And it is my belief that this report accurately addresses the concerns with placing an LNG facility within the geographical area covered by the Philadelphia Port, resulting in the conclusion that there is simply no suitable location for an LNG facility in Philadelphia or Southeastern Pennsylvania.

“The commonwealth should be engaged in a transition away from fossil fuels because of the need to address climate change. As such, I plan to propose the formation of a task force to review the state’s energy policy and to map a path toward a future with family sustaining jobs in an energy sector that does not produce dangerous pollution or carbon emissions.” 

The report can be found online here.

The full majority report is now available here.