Hill-Evans: York City and West York Area School Districts receive Safe Schools Targeted Grants

HARRISBURG, Oct. 18 – Rep. Carol Hill-Evans, today announced that Safe Schools Targeted Grants have been approved with $124,946 awarded to York City School District while another $77,473 is granted to West York Area School District to complement existing safety and security measures. In addition to these public-school funds, York Catholic School will receive $23,544 and Grace Words Christian Academy will receive $20,906.

“These competitive 2019-20 Safe Schools Targeted Grants from the Pennsylvania Department of Education are awarded to schools to prevent and reduce violent incidents by purchasing safety equipment and providing for the training and compensation necessary for our school resource and police officers,” Hill-Evans said. “It’s all about keeping our kids and teachers safe. Students perform better in an environment where they feel safe and secure. These funds ensure that they learn in a nurturing and safe space that allows them to grow and develop.”

This funding is part of the $7.3 million in School Safety Grants the department is awarding to public school districts and non-public schools throughout the commonwealth.