Pittston City awarded $200,000 state grant

HARRISBURG, April 26 – State Rep. Jim Haddock congratulates the city of Pittston for receiving a competitive $200,000 state grant to extend the Riverfront Trail beyond the North Main Street neighborhood.

Haddock said the trail extension will create ADA accessibility improvements, improve neighborhood connectivity, and create safety features including a railroad crossing, lighting, and pedestrian signage.

“The trail will ultimately provide alternative transportation routes like bicycle routes and pedestrian pathways to river areas, Main Street, and local bus stops,” said Haddock. “I would like to thank Governor Josh Shapiro and PennDOT Secretary Mike Carroll for getting this funding to our area and ensuring that we continue to have outdoor recreation for residents and visitors to enjoy.”

Haddock said eventually the trail will link to other regional trails creating a robust trail network which spans over 80 miles.

The funds were awarded through the Surface Transportation Block Grant program Set-Aside, also known as the Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside.

PennDOT received 137 applications requesting over $165 million. Selections were made based on established criteria such as safety benefits, cost effectiveness, readiness for implementation, impact on low-income or minority communities, statewide or regional significance, integration of land use and transportation decision making, collaboration with stakeholders, and leveraging of other projects or funding.

A list of awards statewide is available on the program website.