PA House passes legislation to create Safe Communities Grant Program

HARRISBURG, July 7 – A bill (H.B. 1130) sponsored by state Rep. Roni Green, D-Phila., which would create the Safe Communities Grant Program passed the Pennsylvania House of Representatives today by a vote of 102-101.

The legislation would establish the Safe Communities Grant Program within the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, which would provide grant funding to communities to install lighting and security cameras around schools, playgrounds, community centers, and high crime areas.

“By passing this bill, we are embracing an evidence-based approach to reducing violent crime in Pennsylvania,” Green said. “Studies have shown that taking care of the physical space in which we live — something as simple as cutting the grass or putting up lights — can have a positive effect on reducing violent crime.

“This program will light up dimly lit public spaces and make criminals think twice about committing crime. We want a safe commonwealth for all Pennsylvanians, and this is a program that will help us achieve that goal.”

The bill now goes to the Pennsylvania Senate for consideration.