Philadelphia House Delegation commends appointment of Pedro Rosario, first ever Latino deputy police commissioner in the city



PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 12 – Members of the Philadelphia House Delegation today expressed their satisfaction for the appointment of Pedro Rosario, a 29-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department who will serve as deputy commissioner of the department’s Kensington Initiative.

“Winds of change keep blowing in Philadelphia and we cannot be more excited about the outcome,” said Rep. Morgan Cephas, chairwoman of the delegation.

“Mayor Cherelle Parker started strong. She is not only vowing to fight the overdose crisis and the drug market in Kensington; Parker is taking the bull by the horns. The designation of Rosario to work on specific duties in Kensington is a bold action that has our wholehearted support,” she added.

Rep. Jose Giral, who represents the180th Legislative District in the Kensington area, is confident that Rosario will be an effective commissioner, based on Rosario’s expertise and solid credentials. Giral witnessed his work firsthand while Rosario was assigned to the 24th Police District.

“I have known Pedro Rosario for a long time. I met him while I was a member of the Police Advisory Commission and this conferred me the opportunity to work hand in hand with him and the 24th Police District,” Giral said.

“Rosario is boots on the ground from day one because he knows exactly all the particulars of the issues impacting our community. I am glad to have him onboard, and I look forward to collaborating with him,” Giral added.

Rep. Danilo Burgos, vice chair of the delegation, pointed out that Rosario’s appointment as the first Latino deputy police commissioner ever in Philadelphia traces new horizons for Latinos.

“There are multiple reasons to celebrate this designation. The first one is that Mayor Parker has proven that she is determined to combat the opioids crisis in our city,” Burgos said. “The second is that now our children will be able to see in Rosario a new role model.

“Rosario is the highest-ranking Latino in the history of the Philadelphia Police Department, which sends a message of hope to countless numbers of Latinos. If you want to excel in your career, it does not matter your race or the color of your skin. What prevails is your values, and determination to propel you to the top.”


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