PA House Labor & Industry Committee approves resolution condemning exclusion of mandated water breaks for workers

HARRISBURG, June 28 – During a voting meeting today, the Pennsylvania House Labor and Industry Committee reported a resolution (H.R. 159) out of committee and to the full House that would condemn the elimination of local rules in Texas mandating water breaks for construction workers.

State Rep. Jose Giral introduced the resolution after Texas recently eliminated local ordinances mandating water breaks for construction workers, undermining their safety and well-being.

 “I believe it is appallingly brutal to institute legislation that would disregard the basic needs of any human being. I wholeheartedly condemn the Texas legislation that eliminates mandated water breaks for construction workers,” Giral said.

“People are not machines; these decisions impact the health and mental wellness of human lives. We need to protect all workers’ rights and collectively raise our voices against this irrational and inhumane legislation in Texas.”