Gainey, Miller introduce bill allowing college athletes to get paid

Pa. Fair Pay to Play Act would level the playing field

HARRISBURG, Feb. 23 – State Reps. Ed Gainey and Dan Miller, both D-Allegheny, are renewing their efforts on legislation that would allow college student-athletes in Pennsylvania to be fairly compensated for their efforts.

Their bill, H.B. 632, would allow college athletes in Pennsylvania to sign endorsement deals, earn compensation for their name, image and likeness, and sign licensing contracts that would allow them to earn money. It would also allow them to hire professional representation, like agents, to manage their contracts and finances.

Through ticket sales, TV contracts, apparel sales, and more, student athletes generate millions of dollars in revenue for their schools each year. If coaches and athletic directors are making money from their talent, Gainey says athletes should too.

“Think about all of the money these students make for their schools through athletic competition,” said Gainey. “They are the only ones not getting paid for their efforts in this billion-dollar industry. It’s time we made the system fairer and more equitable, and we have to make sure our great colleges remain competitive nationwide.”

To date, California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, and Nebraska have passed similar legislation. Miller believes the time is right for Pennsylvania to be added to that list.

“Several states have passed similar legislation and multiple others have at least introduced it. There is national momentum behind this cause for fairness,” said Miller. “It’s time for Pennsylvania to give college athletes economic freedom by allowing them to benefit financially from their God-given talents.”

Gainey and Miller’s proposed Fair Pay to Play Act has been referred to the House Education Committee where it awaits further action.