Frankel hails federal nomination of Dr. Levine

‘Her science-led leadership has soothed a frightened public’

PITTSBURGH, Jan. 19 – Democratic Health Committee Chairman Dan Frankel congratulated Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine Tuesday, after the administration of President-elect Joe Biden announced his intention to nominate her to be our nation’s assistant health secretary.

“Pennsylvanians have gotten to know Dr. Levine, and her steady, science-led leadership has helped sooth a frightened public,” Frankel said. “Our understanding of this terrible virus has evolved over the last year, and at the same time the federal response ranged from inadequate to harmful. Those two challenges created an incredibly difficult environment for state health departments, but Dr. Levine stayed laser focused on protecting the public health.”

As chairman of the LGBTQ Caucus, Rep. Frankel first got to know Dr. Levine when she served on the board of Equality Pennsylvania. Together, they worked to promote LGBTQ civil rights, work that continues today.

“I believe that having this very qualified and professional transgender women out front, doing her job despite whatever bigoted attacks came her way, has continued to move the cause of LGBTQ nondiscrimination forward,” Frankel said. “During the last year Dr. Levine has risen to face unprecedented challenges with grace, and I am thrilled to be able to share her with the nation.”