Flynn votes to send medical marijuana bill to governor

HARRISBURG, April 13 – State Rep. Marty Flynn, D-Lackawanna, issued the following statement about his House concurrence vote for legislation (S.B. 3) that was sent to the governor’s desk which would legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.  

"Legalizing medical marijuana is a commonsense way to help all of those people who are suffering in their daily lives – from children who are experiencing daily seizures, to veterans enduring post-traumatic stress disorder and many others who need this medication to relieve their pain.

"Statistics show that states that have legalized medical marijuana have shown a decrease of nearly 25 percent in annual prescription drug overdose deaths. The statistics also show that there have been zero overdose deaths from marijuana.

“This was an easy vote to make because at its very basic core, it’s about helping people,” Flynn said.

Gov. Tom Wolf has indicated he will sign the bill.