Flynn: Selling off liquor stores not right for Pennsylvania

HARRISBURG, Feb. 26 – State Rep. Marty Flynn, D-Lackawanna, voted against a liquor bill Thursday that he said was wrong for Pennsylvania:

"There are many things wrong with this proposal, not the least of which is looking at this sell off as a financial windfall for the state, solving the fiscal problems we're facing.

"This is essentially a fire sale of a valuable, revenue-generating asset. The Liquor Control Board generates $80 million in profits annually for the state's General Fund. Even if we were to get the full amount that is being claimed from the sale of licenses, which is unlikely, it's a one-time proposition. We'll still end up losing a steady source of revenue in exchange for a one-time payment that will not responsibly address the projected $2.2 billion structural deficit facing the state.

"We have to get what the system is worth, and this proposal does not offer that, but instead will increase prices, decrease selection and eliminate 5,000 family-sustaining jobs," he said.

"Liquor store privatization has adverse ramifications on jobs, tax revenue and our society. I think the state can offer increased customer convenience without these negative impacts to our commonwealth; advances in consumer convenience have already been made, and that should be allowed to continue."