Flynn gains seniority with four committee appointments


HARRISBURG, Jan. 12 – State Rep. Marty Flynn, D-Lackawanna, today said that he has been appointed to serve on several key House committees for the 2021-22 legislative session.

Flynn will serve on the Appropriations, Consumer Affairs, Insurance, and Professional Licensure committees.

Flynn is also chairman of the Northeast Democrat Delegation of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

“I am honored to sit on these four committees, particularly the Appropriations committee because we evaluate fiscal-related matters and conduct budget hearings each spring to review and evaluate the state budget proposal, “Flynn said.

Flynn said the committee plays an important role in forming recommendations for budget-related matters and has jurisdiction over the offices of state auditor general, state treasurer and the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority.

House standing committees are where the details of legislation are discussed and fine-tuned before being send to the full House for consideration.

“I am at the forefront of debates on issues that affect my constituency on behalf of the elderly, children and the working class,” Flynn said.

Flynn is serving his fifth term in the House of Representatives.

The 113th District includes parts of Lackawanna County, including Scranton, South Abington Township and Clarks Green Borough.