Flynn to introduce bill to provide transparency on tax exempt property status for nonprofit organizations


HARRISBURG, Aug. 6 – State Rep. Marty Flynn, D-Lackawanna, said he plans to introduce legislation that would clarify the ability of nonprofit organizations to avoid paying property taxes on land they own.

Flynn said for far too long, certain organizations have avoided paying their fair share of property taxes on land that is being used for commercial purposes, which he said goes against the rules laid out by the state constitution.

“To assist local governments with proper property tax collection, I am introducing legislation which would ensure that the property tax exemption for nonprofits is functioning as intended by only exempting taxes on land that is actually used for charitable purposes.” Flynn said.

Flynn said, for example, the proposed changes would clarify that land being used to operate a fast-food restaurant on a college campus would be subject to real estate taxes.

“We can solve any confusion about what is or is not taxable and help prevent the average taxpaying family from having to cover for organizations that are not paying their fair share of property tax,” Flynn said.

The Lackawanna County legislator is seeking co-sponsors for this proposed bill.