Rep Flynn supports governor's plan to address Scranton School District's high lead and asbestos contamination

Flynn supports governor’s plan to address Scranton School District’s high lead and asbestos contamination

HARRISBURG, Jan. 29 – State Rep. Marty Flynn, D- Lackawanna, joined Gov. Tom Wolf at a news conference today to support a remediation program that would fix toxic schools and address the lead problem in the Scranton School District and other schools across the state.

The governor has proposed including more than $12.1 billion in the 2020-21 state budget to reduce the risks to Pennsylvanians from lead and asbestos, and remediating existing toxins in schools, day care centers, homes and public water systems.

Flynn said nine buildings in the Scranton School District have water fountains with high levels of lead and all but four schools have asbestos contamination.

“We must do everything that is necessary to complete what should have been corrected 20 plus years ago and these health concerns to our children, teachers and staff must be addressed soon,” Flynn said. “Without proper and fair funding of our school districts we do not have the resources to properly educate our children, let alone provide for this costly remediation.”

The Lackawanna County legislator said everyone is very much aware that the greatest threat from these contaminants is the long-term negative effects on the children, including cognitive impairment, low IQ and poor ability to pay attention.

Wolf’s proposed budget investments to address asbestos and lead include expanding the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program to schools, leveraging CHIP for lead remediation, transferring Pennvest grant funds to address lead in drinking water, convening lead-based paint hazard reduction program grant recipients, and implementing lead testing in school and child care programs.

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