Fitzgerald responds to gun violence in district over weekend

HARRISBURG, March 16 – State Rep. Isabella Fitzgerald, D-Phila., was getting ready to host a three-day public safety event on guns and other ways to combat violence in the community with fellow lawmakers when she was notified of a gun crime in her district.

“This has got to stop,” Fitzgerald said in response to the shooting. “Last Friday I visited a crime scene where a mother and her child, due to no fault of their own, were victims of an incident that, by the Grace of God, was not fatal for them. But someone did die as a result of this gun violence. I have to say out loud, when will this end? We all need to care enough to do something because you or someone you know might be next. And for what? What is the end game here? Is it worth the loss of all these lives? More than 100 this year in the city.”

To date, 102 homicides have been recorded in Philadelphia, a 2% increase from 2021. More than 300 nonfatal and 117 fatal shooting victims have been counted as of March 13.

“Have we become so depraved that the sanctity of life means nothing?” Fitzgerald questioned. “Have we become so lost and empty that the fact that one act of violence has the potential to ruin a generation and a culture, and we don’t even care? How can we sit silently by and witness the death of a generation? How can we sit silently by and not care that not only does the victim suffer, but the perpetrator and everybody’s whole community suffers as well?”

She said people can do something. In addition to Third Thursday, which is a day that she and fellow local lawmakers and law enforcement will use to be sure the community is informed and can support a collaborative effort of reporting and keeping watch in communities, anyone who has information about a crime can call anonymously the Police Tip Line at 215-686-TIPS (8487).