Fiedler celebrates $175 million in school facilities funding

HARRISBURG, Dec. 14 – On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania legislature approved $175 million from the state budget in additional funding to help fix school buildings across the Commonwealth.

State Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler, D-Phila., who has been a long-time proponent of fixing school buildings, advocated for the funds.

“Many school buildings are in huge need of repair and remediation. Getting this work done is critical to the health and safety of everyone in schools,” Fiedler said. “We have a long road ahead to make sure every school is a safe, healthy, modern learning environment. This additional funding is a step in the right direction to finally addressing this issue that has weighed on our Commonwealth for too long.” 

Pennsylvania has some of the oldest schools in the country. The average school building is around 70 years old and was built when lead pipes and asbestos were standard building materials.

Discoveries of asbestos and other toxins have led to school closures across the Commonwealth, including seven Philadelphia schools in 2023 alone. In the same year, 100 schools statewide closed due to excessive heat.