Philadelphia House Delegation hails unprecedented Teamsters win

PHILADELPHIA, July 25 – Following the announcement of a tentative, historic five-year contract involving United Parcel Service and the Teamsters union, members of the Philadelphia House Delegation praised the triumph and reaffirmed their commitment to keep fighting for fair pay and safe workplaces for every worker in Pennsylvania.

The UPS and Teamsters covenant comes after a series of local and national rallies to support UPS workers as they fought for better wages and working conditions. Workers also warned of a possible massive strike.

Philadelphia House Delegation Chair Morgan Cephas explained that the agreement is a colossal win for the more than 340,000 UPS Teamsters members nationwide.

“Our delegation applauds these tentative agreements that include wage increases as well as safety and health protections, equal pay part-time rewards, and new trucks with air conditioning, among other provisions. This would certainly change the game for many other unions. The bar has been raised,” Cephas added.

“Our group has been proudly walking and fighting along with the UPS workers for better pay and tangible benefits, but this is also a fight for fairness and respect. We are pleased to see that their struggles have been finally acknowledged,” she said.

“We are celebrating this victory, but we also ratify our firm commitment to keep championing for all workers in the commonwealth. We are determined to guard their dignity and strengthen worker protections at all levels.”

State Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler, chair of the Philadelphia House Delegation Labor Subcommittee expressed satisfaction for the agreement and said it is also an example of the driving force of collaboration.

"I'm happy for the hundreds of thousands of UPS workers who will finally see the improved wages, benefits and working conditions that they deserve,” she said. “This tentative agreement reflects that their daily hard work is valued and shows that we have great power when we stand united. When we fight, we win!"

State Rep. Roni Green, vice chair of the Labor Subcommittee, echoed Fiedler’s sentiments and indicated that she is glad to see UPS come to the table, bargain in good faith and come to a tentative agreement giving the Teamsters fair compensation for their hard work.

“It goes to show that all work is valued. It doesn’t matter what you do, when labor is unified and together, workers can negotiate for the pay and benefits they deserve,” Green said. “I’m also happy that vital goods and services were not interrupted and that both sides walked away with an agreement they can live with.”