Fiedler issues statement on budget

HARRISBURG, July 7 – State Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler, D-Phila., today issued this statement calling the state budget "a mixed bag" for working people:

“I'm glad we’ve actually passed a state budget, but I have mixed feelings about what was included -- and what was not -- prioritized in the spending plan.”

“On the bright side, there is $850 million more in the budget for K-12 basic education funding, with the School District of Philadelphia receiving a much-needed $200 million dollar increase. There is also money for a new $125 million dollar program to help people make needed improvements to their homes. We also increased funding for violence prevention, which is crucial to saving lives and reducing gun violence in Philadelphia and across the commonwealth. These funds will make a difference in the lives of Philadelphia's children and families.

“Unfortunately, this budget also includes big giveaways to corporations, to private schools AND, at the same time, no dedicated funding for improvements to toxic school buildings. The state brought in over $48 billion last year in revenue, but we plan to spend less than $43 billion next year. This doesn’t make sense when families are struggling to pay for housing, child care, elder care, student loans, food and gas.”

Video of Fiedler’s response to the budget can be found here: (4) Fiedler: Mixed Bag Budget - YouTube